Why buy Randy’s Art?

1. ONE-OF-A-KIND: My art is unique!  You can have something that no one else has.  I can say this with great confidence as there is only one me.  Truthfully, most artist can make the same statement.  However, some have lost themselves in the influence of other artists to the extent that their work has become indistinguishable from somebody else’s.  I believe people expect uniqueness in art.

2.  PERSONAL CONNECTION: I feel most art sales are made because of a personal and emotional connection to the work.  This, at least, has been my experience when selling my art.

3.  INVESTMENT: Some people buy art as an investment believing that the work will gain value with time and that a profit can be had.  I suppose this can be viewed as sensible, however, it is my least favorite reason for buying a work of art.


I’ve had only a handful of formal art lessons. My development as an artist as been through observation, imitation, personal reading/study, and the kind tutelage of artist friends, specifically Jack Grasso and Harry Bennett.

Once I have an idea of what I want to paint, I make sketches to work out the composition. Then I acquire a model or models, if necessary, photograph references, and make more detailed drawings. Once the drawing is complete, it is then transferred to the painting surface – canvas, illustration board, panel, etc. The next step is to lay in a foundation of color, building upon that until I reach the desired finish. Usually nothing is completed in one brush stroke.

People always want to know from where the ideas come. Sometimes the ideas are just there in my mind, like a memory and I paint what I “remember.” Other times I am inspired by what I actually see in nature, in the world around me or by other works of art. Being aroused to paint by someone else’s work is like being in a conversation. Someone says something interesting or provocative and it creates a response in you which you then express. Painting is communication, relaxation, therapy, and just plain ol’ fun!